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10 Italian Desserts We Love

10 Italian Desserts We Love

Italians are known for their ability to make anything taste amazing. Think of pizza, pasta Bolognese or ricotta salad. If Italy never existed, we wouldn’t have the luxury of enjoying those delicious meals. Italian cuisine has been developing for centuries and besides the various main course recipes, they also have a large palette of desserts.

Here are the 10 Italian desserts we love:

1. Almond Semifreddo with Caramelized Apples

The feeling of softness and frost at the same time can be rarely experienced. Semifreddos offer us with this authentic feeling and the most popular type in Italy is made out of almonds. It is similar to ice cream, but has its unique feel and texture. By adding caramelized apples on top, we also get the feeling of crunchiness and sweetness.

2. Fig and Raspberry Tart

If you are a fan of apple pie then you should consider upgrading your favorite dessert to a fig and raspberry tart. The crust is made out of toasted almond and the toppings include a warm layer of maple roasted figs and raspberries. Put whip cream on top and you’ll have the perfect serving for a small, intimate tea party or gathering.

3. Panna cotta with Blackberries

You can make your panna cotta with any type of milk. The most used recipes are with goat or mixed-nut milk. Panna cotta is a quickly made and requires little amount of ingredients. It is recommended for people with a more gentle and light taste for dessert. To make it more appealing, put warm sauce of blackberries on top. The colors with mix and give it the necessary aesthetic value.

4. Chocolate Bread Parfaits

Chocolate bread parfait or “Panne di Ciocolato al Cucchiaio” is the most popular dessert in Europe. The preparation time is roughly 30 minutes and the ingredients can be easily found at home or in your local store. Melted chocolate, bread loafs, a coffee cup and whip cream are072592 all you need to experience this heavenly delight.

5. Chocolate and Pistachio Biscotti

This isn’t your typical type of biscotti. Chocolate and pistachio biscotti is specially baked to preserve the soft chocolate feel on the inside and the feel of crunchiness on the outside. You can make it more interesting by dipping it in whip cream, a fruit sauce or even in a cup of coffee.

6. Raspberry Jam Bomboloni

These one-bite delights are easy to make and great when paired with red sparkly Italian wine. They are mini doughnuts which are rich with filling on the inside. For the fill we recommend a raspberry jam which can easily be made at home.

7. Pumpkin Gingersnap Tiramisu

This recipe is the meeting point of pumpkin pie and classic tiramisu. It is creamy and filled with various mixtures of taste. Pumpkin gingersnap tiramisu can stay frozen for about a week and is great for an evening refreshment.

8. Concord Grape Granita

Other than having a catchy name, this dessert is rich with antioxidants and quite beneficial for our health. It is refreshing and easily made with using only sugar, water and concord grape juice. The only thing you need to do is mix the ingredients and let them freeze for 4 and a half hours. An easy way to stay cool in the hot summer days.

9. Almonds Pie with Pears and Crème Anglaise

This is a pie made out of almond dough and garnished with a hot, juicy layer of pears. It is great for those who prefer classy and more traditional desserts. Luckily for us, it can be made in 1 and a half hour. It is paired with light drinks and sauces as Crème Anglaise.

10. Lemon Honey Semifreddo

We started out list with semifreddo and we are going to end it with semifreddo. Only this one is made out of lemon and honey. With the typical lemon-honey semifreddo you can serve up to 8 people and it can be easily made in just 30 minutes. This recipe has more similarity to the feel and texture of ice cream than the first semifreddo recipe.


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