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5 classic Italian dishes that everyone should try

5 classic Italian dishes that everyone should try

Italy is well-known for its wonderful cuisine, in addition to its stunning landscape and tourism attractions. Because of the rich and exquisite flavours present in Italian dishes, other countries have embraced and treasured this sort of food. Italian food is classic and diverse, which is why you can find a restaurant that offers it practically anywhere. There are numerous classic Italian dishes that are popular in addition to spaghetti and pizza, and here are five that you should try.

Chicken Parmesan

With ingredients ranging from mozzarella and parmesan cheese to a tomato sauce combined with Italian seasonings, chicken parmesan encapsulates everything about Italian food in one mouthful. The rich interior of the chicken, the crunchy coating of fried breadcrumbs on the meat’s surface, the brilliant and somewhat sweet flavour of the rich tomato sauce, and the smooth texture of the mozzarella bring this dish together to create an instant classic. Although this recipe is simpler than others, it is nevertheless one of the most popular Italian dishes in the world.


Lasagna is another timeless Italian meal that can be enjoyed at any time. This dish was first introduced to the world around the 1400’s, somewhere in the city of Naples, Italy. Although lasagna has evolved into a freezer-ready superstore classic, when done-well and made by those in Italian restaurants, this food is worth every bite. With jam-packed layers filled with tasteful ragu, bechamel sauce, ground beef and Parmigiano cheese, lasagna is one of the more versatile dishes of Italian cuisine.

Caesar Salad

Even though Caesar salad is typically served as an appetiser in Italian restaurants, it is one of the most beloved dishes among the general public, and for good reason. Caesar salad is made out of chopped lettuce and garlic-flavoured croutons, as well as a creamy dressing made up of eggs, olive oil, lemon, parmesan, Worcestershire sauce, and anchovies. Most people believe that the salad dressing is what brings this meal together and makes it memorable. An excellent Caesar salad dressing is rich and creamy, with flavours that are salty, earthy, and sharp. Caesar salad is always a great way to start any meal because of its simplicity and exquisite flavour.


The calzone originated in Naples, Italy in the 1700s. As an early kind of fast food, they were often sold on the street around that time. Calzone is technically a pizza folded in half, therefore it comprises mozzarella and parmesan cheese, cured meats, veggies, herbs, and other pizza-like elements. Because the calzone’s toppings are wrapped around by the dough, all of the great flavours are insulated and spread out properly, resulting in a perfect mouthful every time. Whether you’re on the run or in a sit-down restaurant, this dish will always be a great choice to pick out of the Italian cuisine.


Tortellini are stuffed pasta rings that are often loaded with meat, cheese, or vegetables. It’s a classic pasta in various parts of the world, especially in the Bologna region Italy, and it’s great with broth, cream and butter or in a tomato cream sauce. Because of the many sauces that may be paired with tortellini and the various stuffings that can be packed into tortellini, the amount of variations of this dish are endless. With that being said, this dish can cater to anybody’s preferences.

Italy is the home of one of the world’s most delicious foods. These dishes range from sweet to savoury and are filled with numerous aperitive tastes. With versatile and timeless dishes such as chicken parmesan, lasagna, caesar salad, calzone and tortellini, Italian cuisine must be tried by everyone. With that being said, go to your local Italian restaurant and enjoy amazing dishes like these today!

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