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5 Great Places to Have A Party

5 Great Places to Have A Party

Birthdays, get-togethers, thanksgiving, anniversaries and just about anything you can think of are all great reasons to throw a party. Planning the party though is a lot easier said than done. 

Especially when it comes to the venue, which is the point where a lot of debate comes in regarding the party size, your budget, and individual preferences. Keeping all these in mind, here are five great places to host a party. 

1. Open space

An open space works great for any party you are planning. The garden of your home, a park or courtyard helps you give a natural aesthetic to the decorations and allows for free movement of the attendees, which encourages more activities like dancing. Another bright side to having an open space is the fact that they are typically budget-friendly. Open spaces are great for birthdays, bonfires and reception.

5 Great Places to Have A Party

2. Arcade Center

If the party you are organizing is for people within the young adult age bracket, an arcade party is just the best thing. Since there is a lot of pent up energy at this point in their lives, you can be confident that the guests will make excellent use of all the available games so there is little to no chance of having a guest standing in the corner. It is the perfect option for a school child’s birthday.

3. Italian Restaurant 

Nothing says a great party, like one held in an Italian restaurant. The scenery is topnotch and so beautifully aesthetic to compliment the background music that is sure to get you in a groovy mood. It is impossible to go wrong with a party at an Italian restaurant because everyone loves at least one thing on the menu –Pasta! It is a great location to host birthday dinners, send-off, and graduation parties. It is also perfect for cozy wedding receptions and anniversaries. 

4. Karaoke 

Music, food and a reason to celebrate? Perfection! Throwing a party in a Karaoke bar/club/lounge is a perfect idea for a small group. Birthday with friends, bridal showers and reunions are the best events to be held at Karaoke since the crowd is already familiar with each other so the worry of ‘messing up’ is limited and constant laughter is guaranteed. 

5. Event Center

Not all parties can fit in a cozy venue and when you have to go big, GO BIG! An event center is perfect to host Christmas parties, wedding receptions, and award parties. There is enough room for glamorous décor and your guests are not mandated by space to interact unless they wish to. 

Parties are an excellent way to create beautiful memories, have them in the right places!

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