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5 Safe Outdoor Dining Tips

As we are gradually opening up after the pandemic, people are enjoying visiting different restaurants to eat out and enjoy some of the conveniences and experiences that we have been missing over the past year and a bit. When visiting any restaurant including our Italian restaurant, you should cognisant that you are still exposed to certain risks. Even though the risks are low, we are still going to share some basic tips that can make your outdoor dining experience even safer.

Here are our top 5 safe outdoor dining tips.

Always wear a mask when not seated

When you are inside any restaurant or even enjoying a patio, you may need to visit the bathroom. This means walking in between the tables, and past other guests. Unfortunately, these activities increase your exposure, so it is best to keep on a face covering.

Ensure social distancing

Social distancing is one of the most effective safety tips, no matter what environment you are in. Before eating in any restaurant, make sure the tables are positioned at least six feet apart. Social distancing goes a long way in curbing the spread of germs such as COVID-19, especially considering face masks are removed at tables.

In some cases, it can be difficult to maintain social distancing at all times when eating out. This is why social distancing should be combined with wearing a mask and other precautions. Outdoor seating can also come in handy to promote social distancing.

Don’t touch your face

If a contaminated droplet enters your mouth, nose, or eyes, you may suffer from COVID-19. When you touch a contaminated item or surface and then touch your face, the risk of the spread of the infection increases. Therefore, you must go the extra mile to avoid touching your face when you are dining out.

Always have hand sanitizer within your reach

When eating out at a restaurant, you should note that others have access to the same tables and other items that you will use at this same location. Even though items are cleaned regularly, it is still a good idea to use sanitizer after touching high usage items such as door knobs or the back of a chair. The best way to keep yourself safe is to always have hand sanitizer with you.

Don’t just have the sanitizer in your pocket, make sure you use it regularly to ensure your hands are clean. This is especially necessary after touching cash, payment cards, tables, payment machines, and etc. Similarly, it is a good idea to have lotion with you to prevent dry hands and cracked skin that can be caused by constant sanitizer use.

Wash your hands regularly

Regular hand washing is another important tip you should never overlook when dining out.  Utilize warm water and soap to wash your hands and scrub for at least 20 seconds. This should be done when you are leaving or returning home after visiting anywhere, not just restaurants. 

With these 5 simple yet important outdoor dining tips, you will be able to protect yourself and feel confident enjoying your favourite Italian restaurant.

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