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5 Tips for Making Homemade Pasta Like an All-Star

5 Tips for Making Homemade Pasta Like an All-Star

Chances are pasta was one of the most popular menu items in any Italian restaurant you have ever visited. This starchy noodle made from grain flour and mixed into a dough or paste utilizing eggs or water and then formed into a variety of shapes, is a favourite worldwide.

When it comes to making pasta at home, most people choose to buy the prepackaged dried version from their local grocery store. Making fresh, Italian restaurant quality pasta at home is not as difficult as you may think. And we are going to provide you with 5 tips that will have you making pasta like an all-star, right at home.

1. Believe in yourself

First things first, be confident as you must trust your gut when cooking. Even if there is a recipe in front of you. The entire experience of cooking should be fun, if you are enjoying yourself, the results will be great.

2. Embrace the traditional techniques

Regardless of what cutting-edge culinary technology you have available to you, there is just something special about making homemade pasta using the traditional methods and techniques. To make the dough, break the eggs in the center of a well of flour and slowly mix the ingredients together using your hands, adding additional flour as needed to get the right consistency and knead into smaller dough balls. If this is your first time making a dough, you will get the hang of it as you go along.

3. Keep basic ratios for the ingredients

Keeping in mind the basic amounts of ingredients as you mix, will help make your pasta making
experience fun. Basically, you should mix three parts flour to two parts eggs based on weight. However, you don’t need to be exact, there are different ways to go about making your dough.

4. Knead Your Pasta Dough Thoroughly

Remember that after mixing your dough, you need to knead it into a smooth and elastic ball.
Usually, this should be done in about 10 minutes for the best results possible.

5. Do Not Rinse Your Pasta

One common mistake many people make when preparing pasta is rinsing off the excess starch that is clinging to the noodles after boiling. The starch will help the sauce to adhere to your noodles, so by rinsing your noodle you may be inadvertently affecting your final dish.

Have fun, follow our tips above, and enjoy your homemade pasta. What are you waiting for, tonight is a great night for Italian restaurant style pasta at home, start mixing your ingredients now.

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