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5 Tips For Wearing A Mask In A Restaurant

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a mask has become crucial personal protective equipment for everyone. Regardless of what you are doing, it is important to wear one in public to safeguard yourself from the deadly virus. However, you cannot wear a mask while eating. So, how do you protect yourself while eating in an Italian restaurant? Of course, you don’t have to wear your mask every time in a restaurant, but you need to consider these 5 tips:

1. Arrive at a restaurant with your mask on

While this looks like a no-brainer, many people still need to be reminded. You must wear your mask when arriving at any restaurant. This is the only way to stay safe as you eat out in a restaurant. Wearing a mask serves as the ticket you need to access many restaurants nowadays. 

2. Remove your mask safely when the food comes

When waiting for the waiters to serve you, you should still wear your mask. Nonetheless, once it is time to eat, you should remove it. Don’t touch the fabric as the area is probably contaminated by different germs. So, you should use the straps to remove the mask from your face.

3. Don’t put the mask down on the table

The table has probably been used by a number of individuals before you. Even if the workers of an Italian restaurant clean the table after every use, it can still harbour respiratory droplets that can spread COVID while you are still there. Therefore, make sure you don’t put the mask down on the table as you eat out.

4. Have a bag for storing your mask

Don’t just place your mask anywhere after removing it to eat your meal. You should place it inside a bag where it can remain clean without being exposed to fungus or mould growth. 

5. Wear your mask after eating

Whether you are leaving the restaurant immediately or not, you need to wear your mask after eating. Don’t talk to the waiter or anyone without wearing your mask.

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