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5 Tips for When You're Dining Out This Summer

With COVID-19 vaccines quickly rolling out, we are finally getting closer to the end of the pandemic. Nonetheless, you should be fully aware of the risks involved from dining out at restaurants. Keep yourself safe by taking the proper health and safety precautions when out in public. Below are 5 crucial tips that you should keep in mind as you dine out this summer.

1. Always wear a mask when you are not seated

When dining out at an Italian restaurant, you may choose to go to the bar, visit the restroom or walk in between tables. While it’s fine to walk around the restaurant, it’s important to wear a mask to reduce your risk of infection. Remember, the more people you are in contact with, the more likely you are to contract the disease. Be mindful of your surroundings and make sure to social distance.

2. Use your hand sanitizer regularly

A resturant is a public space, meaning other people may have used the table or other items in the restaurant before you. To protect yourself, make sure to sanitize your hands after touching any surfaces. Even if the restaurant follows cleaning guidelines, you should still use your hand sanitizer frequently. Ensure you use hand sanitizer after touching payment cards, food menus, or cash. 

3. Wash your hands

Washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or more is another important way to keep yourself safe. You must wash your hands before leaving home and after returning. Also, if you have to use the bathroom at the restaurant, be sure to wash your hands before returning to the table. 

4. Don’t touch your face

Covid-19 can be contracted when droplets enter the body through the mouth, eyes, or nose. However, the risk of infection increases when you touch your face after touching any item. Therefore, avoid touching your face when dining out.

5. Maintain social distancing

Although things are getting back to normal in most places, you should still maintain social distancing. Before dining at any restaurant, make sure the tables are at least six feet apart. In addition, you should refrain from sitting at the same table with individuals you don’t see frequently or live with. Also, if you need to move around the restaurant, wear your mask and maintain social distancing at all times. If possible, consider dining out at restaurants with outdoor seating as this lowers your chance of contracting Covid-19.


By following these 5 essential tips, you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe as you dine out and enjoy this summer.

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