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5 Top Rated Italian Dishes

5 Top Rated Italian Dishes

Italian dishes are considered to be some of the world’s most refined and grand cuisines. Cultured Italian techniques are usually employed in the creation of these dishes, which has resulted in the famous Italian reputation of excellent cuisines. Italian restaurants have since been in the business of portraying the country’s dishes with great style. Prepared with quality blends and careful processes that provide fresh and tasty treasures. But even among these sumptuous dishes, there are some which are top-rated globally.

Keep reading to discover some of the most popular Italian dishes enjoyed worldwide.


This is one of the most delightful and common Italian dishes, it is a baked dish consisting of pasta layers that are filled with different flavours and ingredients such as sausages, cheese, meat, vegetable or fish ragù and béchamel sauce. This extremely popular dish found in Italian restaurants and homes can be made in different variations depending on its contents and always baked to perfection!


First conceived at the court of the Medici, in Florence, this ice cream has become a widespread and applauded cuisine. It is an Italian variant that is prepared from a combination of milk, sugar and other flavours. This specialty ice cream is found in Italian restaurants and Gelaterias and is quite different from the regular ice cream. It has a unique Italian style to it and contains customary flavouring.


Bruschetta is a light Italian dish of toasted bread crowned with olive oil, chopped tomatoes and seasonings like garlic. It can also come with slightly different toppings based on the preferred ingredients used by different Italian restaurants. Bruschetta not only gives a traditional blend of Italian excellence, but it also extends simplicity of taste to consumers.


This is an Italian savory cuisine made with short-grain Italian rice, white wine, cheese, broth and a couple other ingredients to achieve a buttery consistency. The main ingredient – rice is acquired from a northern Italian variety of rice that is short, fat and starchy enough to clot and form its sauce. There are different variants of risotto including the famous mushroom risotto and seafood risotto.


A calzone is a baked Italian turnover that consists of salted pizza dough and is padded with cheese and other ingredients like veggies. This take on pizza is usually shaped like a half-moon and served with marinara sauce. This dish is best served as soon as it is brought out of the oven or the deep fryer as the cheese and other ingredients will flow through the breaded pocket.

The above are some of the top rated Italian dishes that can be found in most Italian restaurants. As you can see the traditional pizza and pasta were left off the list as there are so many different variations of each that you can create a list of top rated pizzas and pastas.

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