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5 ways to support local restaurants

The reality is that life cannot return to business as usual even after COVID-19 is over. But while the entire world is still looking for permanent solutions, everyone continues to look for ways to reduce the adverse impact of the pandemic on small businesses. A major industry that has been tremendously impacted by the pandemic is restaurants. Now with restrictions loosening, it is important to recognize how to support a local restaurant during COVID-19. Whether you are an Italian restaurant or a customer, here are ways to support local restaurants to cushion the impact of the pandemic.

1. Order Food Online

One of the ways to support local restaurants and keep them in business is to order food online. Many restaurants have partnered with courier companies such as Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes and DoorDash, to make online food delivery even easier since in person dining is still unavailable. Ordering food from an Italian restaurant online will help them to earn enough money to cover rent and stay in business until the pandemic or lockdown is over.

2. Buy Gift Cards for Family and Friends

If you are looking to support local restaurants during COVID-19, you can buy gift cards for your loved ones to enable them to enjoy their favorite delicacies when the lockdown is eventually lifted. You can treat your family and friends by buying gift cards now and put them to use for online food delivery, take out or for in-person dining once restrictions are lifted.

3. Engage with Local Restaurants’ Posts

Another crucial way to declare your support for local restaurants is to engage with their posts on social media. Many local restaurants have social media profiles where they post their special dishes and other content. Show your support by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts with your family and friends.

4. Buy Other Products Offered by Local Restaurants

You can also support local restaurants by purchasing their branded or customized products. Some local restaurants offer customized caps, T-shirts, mugs, facemasks, and lots more to earn additional income to support them until the pandemic is over. Patronize the Italian restaurant near you to support them.

5. Give to Their Causes

Many local restaurants are running GoFundMe campaigns to raise money in order to remain open and meet expenses, such as rent and other overheads. Contributing to such causes will help them remain open and survive during these difficult times. 


Helping businesses stay open during COVID-19 is crucial. Supporting an Italian restaurant near you by following the tips above will undoubtedly reduce the impact of the pandemic.

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