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A Brief History of Pasta

A Brief History of Pasta

When was pasta invented?

There is no exact date of when pasta was created. Pasta like dishes date back to the ancient Romans and Greeks, in the form of some kind of lasagna or flattened dough. Mixing wheat and eggs has been a long time tradition in our world, but no exact date for the creation of pasta was ever found. As people spread through the world, going to the Middle East, Asia, and northern Europe, pasta became more and more popular, and by the fourth century AD noodles were a commonplace food. As pasta spread, each culture made its own version or put a different twist on it, resulting eventually in hundreds of different types of pasta all over the world.

The Europeans then started to go to the “New world”, or North and South America. Naturally the food was brought along with them. The Spanish settlers popularised pasta in the new world, but it did take quite a while for it to become a staple American food. It was not until the 18th century that pasta really started to pick up steam, even ending up on Thomas Jefferson’s plate. On a trip to France in 1789, he discovered pasta and absolutely loved it. He brought it back home with him, and even a pasta maker, so that he could make it by himself, and share with his friends and family.

Macaroni and cheese was eaten by many throughout the American civil war, it was easy to make, took up little space, and was delicious all at the same time. It really gained popularity in America when there was a huge influx of Italian migrants to America around the turn of the 19th century. This cemented pasta as an Italian American dish that we still have to this day.

Pasta has both evolved and not changed at all in the hundreds of years since it’s inception. The basics remain the same, flour and eggs. Anything after that was an added way to enjoy the food. Today we have more types of pasta then can be counted, and even more toppings and ingredients to incorporate into the dish. The different shapes, whether it be noodles, stuffed pasta, or big squared pieces such as lasagna, tech basics have not changed. But each culture has their own specific ingredients and can change and customise pasta in whichever way they want, which is a big reason that it is so popular all around the world today.

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