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Add Flavour to your Meals by Using these Herbs in your Recipes

Add Flavour to your Meals by Using these Herbs in your Recipes

Are you considering using salt as a way of adding flavor to meals, hold the thought, and try using some herbs instead. Granted, using herbs doesn’t sound like a fascinating idea, but it has proved to be among the best ways to add flavor. Furthermore, they have additional health benefits as they are jam-packed with minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and sodium.

Add Flavour to your Meals by Using these Herbs in your Recipes

Popular Herbs

Some herbs are a must-have when it comes to cooking in an Italian restaurant:


Basil is part of the Italian culture, and it is among the most popular herbs used in an Italian kitchen. It can be used along with other cooking components such as garlic, thyme, rosemary, among others. To have a basil cream with an aromatic touch, one should put the leaves, oil, pepper, and salt in a blender. It is also used to prepare drinks by crushing the leaves and putting them in the glass.


It is widely used around the world. However, it makes a big part of Italian cooking culture. Cooking these herbs makes it bitter hence, it should be steamed to flavor sauces. It is commonly used when flavoring grilled or roasted meat as well as roasted mushroom and potatoes. Also, it can be used in drinks such as frozen Crodino along with crushed ice.


It is a common herb used to flavor sauces containing peppers and eggplant. Also, it is used to flavor roasted and grilled fish dishes as well as in soups. Depending on the type of dish to be prepared, thyme can be used as fresh leaves or in dried form.


Though it is commonly associated with sweet treats, it can also be used to lend savory dishes a cooling and peppery bite. It is widely used in preparing salads, livening up a sauce or when brewing fragrant teas. It can be used in Fernet by rubbing a leaf around the glass and having another leaf in the drink.

Bay Leaves

These leaves are widely used when flavoring meat and fish dishes. They can also be used stew and soups. Their spicy nature makes them possible to be used with a variety of dishes such as seafood and vegetables. They are usually steamed and removed before serving a meal.

Keeping the herbs away from the heat allow them to retain their flavor. To obtain the right balance, one should refrain from using too many herbs while preparing dishes. These herbs are available at the supermarkets for anybody who might want to add that extra flavor in their dishes.


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