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How Can I Make Pasta Taste Better?

How Can I Make Pasta Taste Better?

It is truly amazing to be living through a time where Pasta is available in so many varieties. From Spaghetti to Ravioli, Macaroni to Lasagna, it has become a general favorite across several countries in the world, despite originating from Italy. 

A tasty dish in any form tested through several recipes, Pasta is well-loved by so many people because of its savory taste and the comfort feeling it brings –some people swear by Pasta’s ability to make any day feel better. 

If you are one of those people with a keen food-obsession, or simply find yourself frequenting an Italian restaurant just to have some of their pasta, you must have tried to make pasta at home (with at least one recipe). How about you try it with these tips? Yes, you can make pasta taste better. Simply read on to find out five ways to make tastier pasta! 

How Can I Make Pasta Taste Better?

Extra virgin olive oil

Yes! Oil does make pasta taste better. Extra virgin olive oil makes the spices and sauce simmer smoothly, creating that perfect savory balance you crave in pasta. When cooking, add extra virgin olive oil while making your sauce to get that rich taste! 

Go wild with your spices 

Whether you are trying out a new recipe or attempting to recreate your favorite, don’t limit yourself when it comes to the herbs and spices you use. Pasta is like a blank canvas of food, it brings out the beauty in everything you add, so go wild with your favorite herbs and spices! 

Use fresh garlic cloves 

Garlic cloves are practically a staple ingredient when it comes to making delicious pasta. To make yours taste better than usual, use fresh garlic cloves to get that nice savory taste they give! 

Throw in some soy sauce 

Soy sauce can be crowned as the king base for a colorful pasta dish. You can use it to top off the stir fry process with your veggies. Combining it with your spices, you can get a smashing hit of a pasta dish that definitely tastes better than what you usually cook!

Stir fry 

You can make pasta on the stove or the oven, but a sure way of getting it to taste better is stir-frying with the sauce/ veggies! Throw your almost cooked spaghetti or ravioli into a wok and stir fry with fresh vegetables, herbs and of course, soy sauce, to get a plate that tastes stunningly delicious! 

Pasta is that perfect dish that allows you to have fun and be creative if you have the basics covered. Practice it enough and it can become your signature dish to potlucks! 

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