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How to enjoy Italian food without any regrets?

How to enjoy Italian food without any regrets?

Imagine being at an Italian restaurant, surrounded by the delicious scent of tomatoes and cheese, but all you can think about is the fact that you still want to fit into those jeans you just bought. In all honesty, we all know that Italian cuisine, with the delicious varieties of meats, pastries, wine, bread, and cheeses, may not exactly fit into your diet. But, should you completely deny yourself of the simple pleasures of life because you feel guilty about consuming carbs? Don’t worry about the answer. We’ve found the work-around for you!

Here is how to enjoy Italian food without any regrets.

Portion Control

It can be very tempting to want a second portion but, unless it’s thanksgiving, try to eat only one portion of food at every meal time. And make sure that single portion is not equivalent to three portions piled up. If you’re having pasta for lunch, a restaurant-size serving is just the right amount for a single portion. If you’re having pizza, one or two slices is great. Doesn’t matter what’s on the menu, just be sure to maintain portion control.

Make The Meals Balanced

You can enjoy pasta by pairing it with beans and vegetables. Remember that, for a diet to be really balanced, you can’t remove the carbohydrates -your body needs them for energy. With the right combination of vegetables, proteins, and other healthy nutrients, you can enjoy your pasta with no regrets.

Opt For Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole-wheat pasta is a great option if you are mindful about eating Italian or just carbs in general. It regulates bowel movement and it’s exceptional at fat absorption so a less portion of the meal fat gets into your body. Also, it is more filling than regular pasta so you can maintain portion control and still be satisfied!

Cook with Healthy Oils

With healthy oils like vegetable oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and peanut oil (for frying), you can get the same outcome in taste and relax about the fat content. Remember to never re-use fats and oils because they contain more fatty content than fresh oil.

Wine: Lower Quantity, Higher Quality

It is no secret that great wine pairs excellently with Italian food, but it can be too good sometimes. While you may be tempted to order another glass to finish off your meal while at your favourite Italian restaurant, try to restrict your wine consumption to one glass a day. And when it comes to selection, reach for higher quality and less quantity. That way, you get to enjoy the richness in every drop.

You can visit your favourite Italian restaurant without looking back at the meal with regret, just make the right choices! Italian food is rich in taste and nutrients, and you can eat it without worrying about adding inches to your waistline.

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