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How to Safely Enjoy Takeout During Coronavirus?

The COVID-19 pandemic has added restrictions on some of our daily activities and favourite past times, such as going out to your favourite Italian restaurant. However, ordering takeout is still very much an option offered by most restaurants. Contactless pickup and delivery are the most popular options today for most people looking to skip cooking their own meal. With many restaurants facing serious hardships at this time, you don’t need to be concerned about how to help your favourite restaurant survive the coronavirus crisis, your continued support through takeout and delivery orders is always appreciated. 

To help ease your mind, here are some precautionary measures to help you safely enjoy takeout from your favourite restaurant.

1. Ensure restaurant compliance

First things first, you have to make sure the restaurant you are ordering from is compliant with all of the COVID-19 prevention guidelines. Check their website or simply give them a call to inquire about the measures they have taken both inside their restaurant and for delivering the prepared meals. Once you are satisfied with their in-house safety precautions, ask to ensure they offer a contact-free pickup and/or delivery option. If they have an online payment option, this makes it even easier to remain 100% contactless and you will be all set to safely enjoy your takeout.

2. Handwashing

Although the food doesn’t have any risks of carrying the virus, because heat during preparation kills it, you still have to take extra measures with the package it comes in. When the food arrives, make sure you wash your hands before and after picking up the package. This way, you limit any possibility of coming in contact with a possibly infected package.

3. Change containers

Be sure to change any container or package that the food is placed indirectly. Transfer the prepared food to your own plates or bowls from the takeout containers provided by the restaurant. 

4. Dispose of containers

Ensure all bags, wrapping, and containers from the food are disposed of prior to eating. A little extra care goes a long way, remember to wash your hands after disposing of the packaging.

5. Use Safe Utensils

If the utensils provided by the restaurant are not individually wrapped, opt for using your own utensils. If they are individually packaged,  dispose of the packaging and wash your hands prior to eating.

With these measures, you can safely enjoy takeout from any of your favourite restaurants. Just because the pandemic has changed the way we go about our routine, it doesn’t mean we need to forgo the simple pleasures such as visiting your favourite Italian restaurant. Great meal.

Remember to always maintain social distance during pickup or delivery, and to wash your hands after handling the packaging. Enjoy!

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