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Should You Have Red or White Wine with Your Dinner Tonight?

Going to a fancy restaurant for a date and you want to leave an impression? Maybe you are looking to sip on a glass of red or white wine after a day at work?

No matter what kind of situation you are in, you deserve your glass of wine and you should definitely know what kind of wine you should drink with your dinner. So, are we going with white or red?

The Basics

We have all heard the saying: Red wine in winter and white in summer. Certainly there are more rules in pairing your wine with your dinner since each wine has its own qualities, origin stories and invokes different processes in our bodies. For example, did you know that dark grapes are older than white ones? Research has shown that white grapes are a form of mutation. At the beginning there were only red grapes; thus red wine (if people drank wine at all back in those days).

Red Wine

While making the wine, the red is fermented along with the grape skin and seed, thus it has more beneficial compounds than white. The flavor and feel in red wine are more powerful. It has a higher tannin level which is why with drinking red wine you can get a dry feeling in your mouth. And this is also a reason why fatty food fits better with red wine. More tannin means more fat.

So when it comes to meat, if you eat sausages or barbequed steak then red wine is your choice, to be more specific you should go with Red Pinotage. All red meat including duck should be paired with red wine. Also, earthy foods like mushrooms and lentils are on this list too. So if you are eating truffle pasta, pair it with red.

And if you are a pepperoni pizza lover and you want something classier to drink rather than the casual beer, then go with red wine. This is because red goes well with pastas or pizzas which are rich with intense meat sauces. Also the number one wine for Italian restaurants is Barbera. This is usually combined with tomato sauce dishes like lasagna and spaghetti bolognese or fattier side dishes like grilled vegetables.

White Wine

White wine is lighter and simpler than red wine. It is isn’t that rich when it comes to content, but when properly paired with food it gives you the feeling of pure elegance. Carefully pairing white wine is important, as by doing so you are determining the amount of flavors you will be tasting. White wine loses its qualities when paired with intense dishes, it is best for the light and gentle plates.

White wine fits best with seafood, fish, chicken and salads. When it comes to seafood, some sea dishes are more intense in others; so pick carefully which ones you should pair with white grapes. Shrimp, lobster and crab are the most recommended choices for this. With the lightness of white wine you will be able to taste these dishes in their fullest.

While other meats as beef and sausages are good for red, chicken goes with white wine instead. A general rule should be: The lighter the dish, the lighter the wine. The same rule goes for meat. Fish and chicken are lighter meats and go extraordinarily well with white grapes. And there isn’t anything lighter than a salad, so if you are hosting a vegan party, boost up on those bottles of Chardonnay.


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