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Types of Alcohol
Nothing accents an amazing meal like an amazing drink to go along with it. Every meal can be paired with a drink. Whether its something to compliment the flavours like a white or red wine, or a hard liquor to wash it down afterwards, drinks enhance not only the food itself, but the entire experience. Below we’ve dived into some of the different types of alcohol that can be paired nicely with all sorts of food.

Here are the types of alcohol:

1. Vino Blanco/Rosso

White and red wine are the classics. There are so many different types of both wines, with even more in between. There are all sorts of opinions on when, how, and what kind of wine to drink and there is dedicated sources to tell you what food to pair with certain wines.
Generally speaking, red wines are paired with meats and pasta, while white wines are paired with seafood and other fish. Ultimately, it is based on preference, however, most wine enthusiasts agree that white wine is only for lighter dishes, usually with some sort of cream sauce, hence the seafood and fish pairing, and that red wine is saved for the heavier and bolder foods, like meats and strong cheeses.

2. Digestivo/Amaro

These are liqueurs that are usually flavoured and meant to be eaten after the meal. Digestivo means to help with digestion of your meal. While this is a highly debated topic and many say it doesn’t actually help with digestion, there is no debate on whether or not these liqueurs are delicious and amazing after a meal.
Flavours usually include some sort of fruit like orange, mixed with other spices and herbs like mint. These liqueurs are very strong, and sometimes bittersweet, and fill your pallet completely.

3. Scotch

Scotch is a whiskey that is made in Scotland, and by law, must follow certain a process to be called scotch. There are a few different types of Scotch whiskey, but most are either single malt or blended malt.
These whiskeys are very high in alcohol percentage, and have a very strong and bold flavour. Whiskeys are usually consumed before or after a meal, mostly after as its too strong to have without food.

4. Cognac

Cognac is a type of brandy named after the town in France in which it originated. It has a very strict process it has to go through, just like scotch. This type of brandy is made using grapes and white wine. There are very specific grapes that need to be used and manufacturers have little leeway if they want to produce a cognac.
After the grapes are put through various steps, the “aging” or maturing of the brandy is done by sealing it in oak wood barrels. This gives certain flavours and aromas, and some cognacs are aged for upwards of 40 years. Cognacs are just as strong as scotch, and so only for post meal drinking.
These are just a few alcohol types and it all really comes down to preference. Try out the different tastes, and try out different pairings with food to see what you like.
Our tastes and pallets are very personalized, and especially when working with alcohol, you want to savour every last drop and enjoy it with your meal, so find your perfect pairing and see what works for you.

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