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What are the best wine and cheese pairings?

For centuries wine and cheese have been served together. A well-paired wine and cheese combination has the ability to unlock nuanced flavours from both the wine and cheese and tantalize your taste buds. For some, finding that perfect pairing is simple, for others, it takes years of trying new combinations before they find the pairing that unlocks that fuller flavour on the palate. 

If you have yet to find your favourite wine and cheese pairing or if you are looking to try a new pairing combination, you are in luck. We asked several of our favourite local Italian Restaurant chefs to share with us their favourite wine and cheese pairing options. Here is what they shared:

Pinot Grigio and Burrata

One of the best wine and cheese pairings that several of the chefs suggested was of course one that combined arguably one of the most popular wine styles in Italy and traditional Italian cheese, Pinot Grigio and Burrata. Highly-acid white wines go extremely well with rich and creamy cheeses. If you enjoy zesty white wines and creamy cheeses, you should definitely try a glass of Pinot Grigio with a traditional Italian Burrata plate, for the perfect balance between wine and cheese.

Tempranillo and Gouda

Gouda is an extremely popular cheese, which is readily available for most people. It has a nutty flavour and smooth texture that perfectly matches several wine types. The Spanish Tempranillo is a full-bodied red wine that matches extremely well with the milder flavours of Gouda cheese.

Champagne and Blue Cheese

Another top wine and cheese pairing you should try is champagne and blue cheese. Blue cheese is a salty and spicy type of cheese that goes well with a semi-sweet sparkling wine. This combination will provide a pleasant boost of flavour and a unique cheese tasting experience.

Merlot and Cheddar

Sharp, natural cheeses like cheddar pair well with red wines. An aged cheddar can help bring out the robust flavours of a softer Merlot that may otherwise be considered dull or uninspiring. Select a medium-bodied Merlot for an excellent pairing experience.

Riesling and Asiago

White wine has fewer tannins than other blends and Riesling has an amazing sweet taste that can go well with different types of cheeses. It was highly recommended that you pair a Riesling with Asiago cheese. Asiago is a dry and mild cheese with a pungent aroma and creamier finish. It tastes heavenly when mixed with the sweeter Riesling.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Colby 

Colby is a semi-hard, moist American cheese produced through a washed-curd process. Its milder flavours pair well with the full body of a Cabernet Sauvignon. The combination will provide you with a pleasantly salty finish, which you want to enjoy for as long as possible.

Next time you are thinking of enjoying a great wine and cheese pairing, at home or perhaps even at your favourite Italian restaurant, consider venturing away from your usual parings and try one of these highly recommended combinations. Who knows, you may just find your new go-to wine and cheese pairing.

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