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Why Using Quality Ingredients Makes a Difference?

The difference between quality ingredients and poor ones is enormous. It is the same as comparing a $1000 bottle of wine with a $5 one. Luckily enough, quality food is much cheaper than quality wine, so why continue to spend your dimes for insufficient nutrients?


We have heard stories where 10 people bought chicken burritos from the same place and all ended up with salmonella. The path ingredients walk to become delicious plates is very, very long. So in the case of chicken, everything starts on the chicken farm. Afterward, the chicken meat probably goes to a factory from where it is distributed to local restaurants or food markets. There, it has to be properly stored, frozen or cooked. If only one of those makes a mistake, it can cost you your life or an extremely high medical bill.
When choosing where to buy your ingredients from or which Italian restaurant to dine in, check if they provide 100% organic and fresh food. This way you can fully enjoy your meal, relaxed and without questioning its true qualities.


Our health depends on the food we eat. The nutrients we need to survive and maintain a healthy and long life are stored in fruit, vegetables, and meat. If these ingredients are artificially produced, they do not provide us with proper nutrition. In fact, they create the opposite side effect – deteriorating our health. So none of those healthy recipes for better skin, blood circulation or detoxification won’t matter if the ingredients aren’t of the highest quality, coming directly from nature.


Why Using Quality Ingredients Makes a Difference?

These days, people are satisfied with intense flavors, but intense doesn’t always signify quality. Getting to taste food in its purest form will open up our senses, allowing them to enter different realms of flavor. Why do you think everyone wants to visit Italy? Besides the wonderful scenery, the food there is amazing! All of it is organically produced by local farmers and the flavors which you taste are indescribable. So if you have a friend from Italy, go on a visit and beg him/her to take you to his/her grandmother’s house! Older farmers and cooks stick to traditional ways of farming and cooking – making the most out of a simple ingredient like a small tomato.


Purchasing organic and quality food not only makes a difference for our health and taste buds, it also contributes to saving the environment. Hmm.. ok, but how? Well, if you buy an organic apple, the manufacturers of GMO apples lose a tiny percentage of revenue. You may think that your choices don’t matter, but imagine if more people bought organic apples rather than genetically modified! The market of GMO apples will cease to exist resulting in less usage of dangerous chemicals for maintaining the growth of the apples and in healthier communities.

Dangers of Chemicals

These dangerous chemicals, sprinkled on plants and flowers throughout the globe make the soil unfruitful. The chemicals destroy the soil so much that farmers who use these develop the need to purchase other chemicals, specialized to reduce damage from the first chemical usage and keep the soil barely alive. This not only doesn’t solve the problem – it spreads it and makes it more complicated as the second chemicals also negatively influence natural environments. And to put the cherry on top: there have been cases where farms decide to stop making GMO products just because lots of the employees started to develop health issues like cancer and complicated allergies. Just by being in contact with the dangerous chemicals – imagine what they do to the food and to our organism!

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